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Northland's Red Brick

Pictured @ nine months old.
IMG_4753 (2).JPG
IMG_4735 (2).JPG
IMG_4751 (2).JPG
IMG_4757 (2).JPG
IMG_4696 (2).JPG
IMG_4701 (2).JPG

Brick is another excellent young male that has been added to the kennel.

He looks to be one of my all time favorites.  He is extremely attentive and willing to please.  He has a good amount of leg and athletic ability.

All around great dog both physically and mentally

His Sire Northland's Capone, and his Dam Northland's Red Daisy are pictured below.

IMG_3687 (2).JPG

Northland's Capone

Northland's Red Daisy

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